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Today, the Direct Selling Industry is struggling with the onslaught of marketing tools which leaders squeeze a company to include in back offices.  These tools dilute sales team’s focus on selling products and services to consumers, leading them to focus on lead generation and income through recruiting the masses.

While great pressure from the field exists for these tools, a company must recognize the greater risk which they take on by employing them.  A common request is for leaders to be able to mass email a downline.  The amazing thing is few companies stand up and say no way, but bend to the request.  Eventually, these leaders begin to manage and work with people they did not invite, setting themselves up as a leader to follow (eventually to another company) and often directly misrepresenting a company, from a company’s newsletter system.  The liability is far too high to open these gates.

Performance View
That said, we highly encourage companies to keep their focus.  That focus is on selling real products and services to real people.  We build inspiring Back Offices for Members/Sales Team/Distributors/IBO’s.  Our popular Gauge Dashboard gives a quick view of where you are and where you could be, based on performance.

Access to Customers and Distributors
From the Performance View, we also give quick access to all personal Distributor and Personal Customer contact data so you can engage on increasing your sales performances.

Animated Graphical Genealogy View
While node-based, expand and collapse genealogies have been around for a long time, our Animated Graphical Genealogy breathes fresh air to member Back Offices.  Clicking on members renders animation and rebuilding of a 360 degree network.  Members often play with it, intrigued as it is not flash driven and renders well on iPad and iPhone.

Personal Sales Team Report
A tabular view of all sales from customers and distributors within your downline, itemized by CV (commissionable volume), and totaled at the top.

You specialize in marketing and selling of your product, we specialize in yoru software infrastructure!

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