Inspetta Acquires MLM Software Central

Las Vega, Nevada – May 1, 2012 – MLM Software Central (, a leader in the Direct Selling and MLM Industry, providing Consulting and Software Solutions, with a focus on educating start-ups, today announces that it has been acquired by Inspetta LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada. This acquisition is a new and exciting juncture for MLM Software Central, enabling us to expand our role in the Direct Selling and MLM Industries with advanced and proprietary Direct Selling Software and MLM Software for Corporations.

The MLM and Direct Selling industry has changed a lot. In fact, the MLM Industry was the predominate title, covering; affiliate, network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct selling, infinity, affinity and many more. The term Direct Selling stands beside MLM today, expressly focused on the sale of real product or service to consumers, independent from those focused mostly on recruiting. This distinction is an important for existing and future start ups, as it cuts to the heart of a company’s intentions. The MLM and Direct Selling industry share a common needs, which Inspetta will expand on. Those needs are Consulting and Software Solutions. As technology continues to advance, software solutions must continue to adapt or be reinvented. This must be balanced with the public demand for extensive marketing tools, which can create liability or simply lead a company astray very quickly. MLM Software Central was founded by Scott H Leonard, to provide timely information for starting MLM and Direct Selling Companies, Consulting and Software Solutions. Mr. Leonard has provided personalized consulting and software solutions to the industry for almost 20 years, with a passion for educating new start-ups towards success, through honest marketing of real products to real people. MLM Software Central will play a key roll in marketing our company’s Direct Selling and MLM Software, while continuing to teach and provide resources to the industry.

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