MLM Direct Selling Software – Public Expectations of Platform

MLM Software runs your company.  Years ago it was a floppy disk and desktop spreadsheet that failed as numbers grew.  Eventually, MLM Software became an Online System that connected to the corporate website.  Soon the internet would grow and the need for a Portal was recognized.  The Portal was still MLM Software connected through a single login location, providing access to many tools besides just the software.  Time marches on, as well as technology.

Here are the primary items expected by the Public Side of your MLM Software or Direct Selling Software Platform Suite of Applications.


Website Application

  • eCommerce Application
  • Registration Application
  • Account Management Application
  • Email Application
  • Newsletter Application


These Applications permit

the Public to enjoy…

  • Your Public Website
  • Your Company Image
  • Your Company Cause
  • Your Company eCommerce
  • Browsing Products/Services
  • Purchasing Products/Services
  • Accessing the Customer Account
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Email Receipts
  • Email Newsletters
  • and More!

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